Business Continuity

What would you do if your business was affected by a fire or a flood?

How would you continue business operations during a utilities failure?

If a key supplier went bankrupt what would you do?

Have you considered multi-skilling your staff in a range of business activities?

Keeping the future of your business or organisation safe and secure can be aided by carrying out Business Continuity activities.

Ensuring that you are aware, informed and prepared to deal with emergencies is essential to having a resilient business.

Business Continuity practices have the potential to bring a large number of benefits; from ensuring that critical services of your company can continue to function during loss of utilities, to speeding up the recovery time back to normal business operations post flooding.

This helps to safeguard your reputation and protect the interests of all organisational stakeholders; from the customers and suppliers to employees and the business owner.

Take 5 minutes to complete our Business Continuity Assessment to see how resilient your business is and get some simple ideas on improving your business continuity plans.

Business Continuity Assessment

Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Councils’ have a responsibility under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 to provide Business Continuity advice and assistance to businesses and voluntary organisations.

Further Information

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