Industrial Accident

There are various industrial sites within Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire. A number of these sites; are known as COMAH sites.

The Control of Major Accident Hazards or COMAH regulations were introduced to Great Britain in 1999 with the aim of helping to prevent major accidents involving dangerous substances or chemicals. These sites have robust safety and security measures in place to reduce the risk of a major emergency and the effects it could have on the public and environment.

In the unlikely event of an emergency such as the Smethwick recycling plant fire the emergency services will issue advice through local media for residents near the location who will either be asked to evacuate or to Go In, Stay In & Tune In.

The Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Resilience Team works directly with the operators of these risk sites in order to create an emergency plan to help prevent any accident from occurring on the site.

COMAH regulations operate on two different levels either “Upper Tier or Lower Tier” Companies are assessed by the Competent Authorities; these are the Health and Safety Executive and the Environment Agency.

If the establishments meet the criteria; which are dependent on the materials, products or chemicals produced on site and the quantities stored they are then given the appropriate grading.

Kingsbury Oil Complex is classified as an Upper Tier site and has an impeccable safety record. That said, it is important that the site and emergency responders plan for any eventuality and, in the unlikely event of an incident affecting the community; the complex will use a computerised mass messaging system to give emergency information quickly and effectively to those who are in the Public Information Zone around the complex via landline or mobile phone. For more information or to sign up to this service visit:

Further Information

To find out more about COMAH sites please visit the Health and Safety Executives website