What We Do

More than just emergency planning…

In a nutshell our day job is to write plans to help ensure that Coventry, Solihull & Warwickshire councils can respond to emergencies that occur with their area. We produce generic over-arching emergency plans for each authority along with lots of other hazard and capability specific plans, for example flood plans and rest centre plans. We also ensure that each council has Business Continuity embedded to make sure that they can continue to deliver their key functions during emergency disruptions.

To ensure plans are fit for purpose we undertake regular exercises using realistic scenarios to make sure the arrangements work and that council staff are familiar with them. We also train staff on how to respond and work in emergency situations.

If you would like to know more about the council’s emergency plans or the work of the team you can contact us.

Personal Resilience Program

In order to improve our engagement with the residents living and working across the sub-region, by working closely with other emergency services and volunteer agencies, we have developed a fun, interactive and educational program in partnership with the British Red Cross which aims to teach individuals how to become more resilient, better prepared, and increase your awareness of the risks which your household or community may face.

Download a leaflet for more information

This program is delivered by the CSW Resilience Team and the British Red Cross to any community or parish group across the sub-region for no cost. If you would be interested in taking part in a personal resilience program, know a community group which you think would benefit from it or would just like to find out some more information? Then get in contact with us using the Contact Us form.

Emergency Advice & Support for Educational Establishments

Incidents and emergencies can occur at any time and can have a big impact on a school, its students and staff. Unfortunately our schools and young people are not immune from such incidents and often the impact of an incident to a school can have far reaching impacts to the school and community. For this reason we have created Emergency Advice and Support for Educational Establishments (E.A.S.E.E.) which contains school Emergency and Business Continuity Plan Templates, as well as guidance material to enable schools to effectively respond to a range of incidents they may face.
EASEE has been developed in partnership by the CSW Resilience Team, Educational Psychologists and services from across the sub-region. It is available at no charge to schools and replaces existing information that you may hold in regards to previous E.A.S.E.E documents.

The documents can be accessed here

Local Resilience Forums

The CSW Resilience Team is part of the West Midlands and Warwickshire Local Resilience Forums (LRFs). An LRF brings together the emergency services and other partners such as Local Authorities, Utility & Transport Companies as well as partners from the health sector. The LRF meets to ensure that agencies are prepared for major emergencies and co-ordinated in their planning, training and exercising. The LRF also undertake risk assessments and produce a Community Risk Register which outlines the types of risks that may occur in the area and gives advice on how to be better prepared for such events. A copy of the West Midlands Community Risk Register can be downloaded here. You can also find out more about the work of the Warwickshire LRF and download their ‘Preparing for Emergencies’ Guidance below

Local Resilience Forum

Safety Advisory Groups

If you are an event planner we are happy to advise you on contingencies for your event. We can also offer exercising of event plans.
The key to running safe and successful events is good planning. A Safety Advisory Group (SAG) is the best way to achieve this, bringing together event planners, emergency services and the Local Authority. HSE guidance on the role of the SAG can be found here.

Advice & Guidance

Detailed guidance on planning safe events can be found in a variety of places.
The Purple Guide covers health and safety at large-scale music and similar events
The Green Guide deals with safety at sports grounds
If you’re hosting a non-sporting event as a sports ground then you’ll need Alternative Used of Sports Grounds
The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 explains your responsibility to ensure fire safety
For general advice on events planning turn to the HSE website for events and entertainment and leisure.
These are just some key documents for events planning. If you have a specific enquiry or concern then please get in touch using the contact form, and we will help if we can.