Emergency Advice & Support for Educational Establishments

Password Request Form

To receive the Solihull EASEE passwords click the following link and complete the Solihull Password Request Form.

You will require a “” school email address e.g. [position]@[school]

Solihull Password Request Form

If your school does not have a “” school email address please use the Contact Us form on the CWS Resilience Team Sub-Regional website to request the EASEE passwords.

Contact Us

How To and Self-Help Documents

There are a number of Self-Help Documents available which include

  • Guide to Removing Passwords
  • Self Training Package:
  • EASEE General Awareness Training
  • EASEE SERT Training
  • EASEE Grab Bag Training
  • EASEE Scenarios Training

Emergency Planning Advice & Guidance

The available Emergency Planning Advice and Guidance is contained in the links below:

School Emergency Plan Template

  • Word and PDF versions of the School Emergency Plan Template
  • Word and PDF versions of the School Grab Bag Template
  • School Emergency Response Team Emergency Action List
  • EASEE School Emergency Quick Reference Sheet
Download School Emergency Plan Template

General School Emergency Guidance

  • Active Shooter Guidance
  • Dealing with the Media in Emergencies
  • Impacts of Emergencies on Staff and Pupils
  • Emergency School Lockdown Guidance
  • Bomb Threat & Suspicious Package Information Sheet
  • Outbreak of Infectious Disease Information Sheet
  • Restoration and Long Term Issues
Download School Emergency Guidance

Business Continuity Advice & Guidance

The available Business Continuity advice and guidance is contained in the links below:

School Business Continuity Template

  • Word and PDF versions of the School Business Continuity Plan Template
Download School Business Continuity Template

External Business Continuity Guidance

  • Business Continuity Management Toolkit –
Download Business Continuity Management Toolkit