Keep Calm & Carry On


So we’ve all seen the dad’s army sketch and the infamous words ‘keep calm and carry on’, it’s so popular you may well have a picture hanging up in your home or office with this mantra, we have one in our emergency centre. (Or the bunker as we like to call it) This sparked us to think about exactly what it means and is this phrase the definition of resilience?blog-pic-7

Sure, If you google resilience, you won’t be seeing keep calm and carry on but the message is the same. Resilience to us is about returning the community to normal after an emergency, or to quote the great Iain Dowie “bounce-back ability”.


When we tell people that we are resilience officers, we often get a bemused look and a wry smile and then a follow up question, what is one of them?  We simply come back with, well what do you think resilience is?

If we were to ask the fountain of all knowledge, my mum she would probably say resilience is the ability to look after the kids, hoover the stairs, cook dinner and all after an 8 hour shift. However if I were to ask my financial advisor (my dad) he would say to have a stash of money stored for a rainy day. So even within one household there are 3 different definitions of resilience, so across our sub-regional area there will be millions! Do the same with your family and see how the results differ.

But maybe that is the point, as resilience officers, by the nature of the role should we push a single definition or is resilience as unique to an individual as their finger prints?

So we decided to embrace the crazy and realised that creating a resilient community, starts with resilient individuals and that a resilient community leads to a resilient county, which is what we are all about.


So for a shameless plug, have a look at our home emergency plan and let us know what resilience is to you.

By Josh Adams, CSW Resilience Officer