Just keep swimming


Business continuity and the ability to just keep swimming!

As some of you may know it’s business continuity awareness week 2017, an event which runs from the 15th -19th May and this year’s theme is cyber resilience! Being a part of the CSW Resilience team we understand that the cyber realm is an ever evolving and growing part of the emergency planning field. Frequently though cyber resilience is dismissed and overlooked when in reality it merges with many other resilience disciplines, more notably business continuity as well as IT disaster recovery.

More often than not business continuity, emergency planning and risk assessments are described as ‘common sense’ but working in the resilience field you learn it is so much more. Business continuity is about taking on the responsibility of a business to ensure that a company can weather the storm and staff can “keep calm and carry on!”

Business continuity is the ‘capability of an organisation to continue delivery of products or services following a disruptive incident. But how can we know what to prepare for? Although it is near impossible to prepare for all possible disruptions, we can look at which parts of a service are absolutely essential, how the business would be impacted if they were to go down, and then put plans in place to either make sure that doesn’t happen or that the business can cope and recover if it does.

BCM is fundamentally important to all companies and their business survival. Without a successful business continuity programme there is the potential for service failure, loss of business, loss of revenue and damage to an organisation’s reputation -in other words, complete and utter chaos!. However BCM is not only critical for businesses, it also works with other disciplines such as risk, emergency and crisis management, disaster recovery, corporate governance and information security; all of which work collaboratively with one another to form a sound business resilience.

Head on over to the business continuity institute site www.thebci.org to find out more and take a look at our Business Continuity pages .

Written by Heleena Chauhan.