Recover From Flooding

Assume floodwater has been contaminated with sewage and avoid contact wherever possible, for further health advice when dealing with flood affected areas visit UK Health Security Agency 

Public Health England

It's important to stop harmful germs that might be present in floodwater from spreading to food. For advice on cleaning preparation areas after a flood visit the Food Standards Agency

Food Standards Agency

Flooding presents a number of hazards to utilities in the home, follow electric and gas safety advice before switching them back on

Electric Safety AdviceGas Safety Advice

Contact your insurer if you haven’t already and let them know the situation, they will advise you of the next steps to take in restoring your home and belongings. For more information see our Insurance Advice

Insurance Advice

Reporting when your property has flooded helps the Council investigate why the flood has occurred and look for methods to mitigate the risk from happening in the future, if possible.

Report Flooding

The ‘recovery phase’ following a flood event includes cleaning and drying properties to ensure and check for any health risks as a result of the flood. Visit the UKHSA web page for more information on how to clean up and minimise health risks following flooding.

Further Advice

For more tips on action to take, see our Before and During Flooding advice