BCAW 2017


As we near the end of Business Continuity Awareness Week it’s a good time to reflect on how you can become more resilient. If you’ve been keeping up with our twitter then you will have seen some of our posts to help you, as an individual or a business, be as Cyber Resilient as possible. It’s important to remember that Cyber Security isn’t just the responsibility of the IT department. Preventative action is the best way to avoid any incidents occurring, but unfortunately this isn’t always easy.

Just last week a phishing scam spread rapidly through the internet. The virus took the form of a familiar google drive document link, appearing to be from somebody in your contacts. The link would allow access your google account and the data within it, and would then send itself to everybody in your contacts and continue to spread further. This highly sophisticated virus is recent proof that anybody can be victim to a phishing attack, and it isn’t always easy to spot.
In order to avoid incidents like this, it’s important to stay aware and not become relaxed about cyber risks.

– Familiarise yourself with policies, procedures and recovery methods.

– Stay consistent with locking away hardware and locking computers.

– If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of any link,email or download then don’t risk it.

For more information on business continuity visit www.thebci.org and take a look at our Business Continuity pages.

Written by Lydia Gill.