So we’ve decided to start blogging…


Emergency planning is a fairly unique field and it’s probably fair to say that not many people are aware that it even exists. I’ve come to realise this now after the inevitable bemused look I get when people ask me what I do for a living. The conversation usually goes something like this: Them: So, what do you do? Me: … Read More

Tech it or Leave it


The Emergency Planning world is an interesting one. It’s probably fair to say that traditionally, Emergency Planners were retired police or fire officers that wanted to carry on after their 30 years. However in recent years Emergency Planning courses have popped up at universities across the country and people are studying specifically to become Emergency Planning Officers as a preferred … Read More

Fundamental Principles, Convoluted Names


Has your DEPO ever delivered a METHANE to the ECC, whilst the MEP was activated? Or has your ILO ever advised the SME that they need to attend the SAG regarding the TTX that happened yesterday. Or has COBRA advised that all EPO’s provide the local PIZ’s with information using the latest GIS data. Any idea what this says…no me … Read More